Find out about the Free Democrats on the official website. Here you can read news about the party, party members and supporters. The website contains all official publications and the history since its inception.


Our goal is to have a free, democratic, strong and prosperous Armenia capable of maintaining its unity and integrity, to create world-class education and health systems, to preserve and enrich its rich culture, to overcome a deep environmental and demographic crisis, to be competitive, to strive for the establishment of universal human values in the country and to integrate into the European Union.


Free Democrats party is a public union based on personal membership. The purpose of the union is the participation in the political life of the public and the state.


Party's leading bodies, territorial and structural subdivisions are formed by the Convention of the Party, the permanent leading body of the Party. The leading bodes of the Party implement warrants given to them according this Statute and by the law.

Phone: + (374 10) 52 21 10
Address: 4 apt., 6 Avag Petrosyan, 0001, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia